Online Classes with Tom

Online classes offer us a way to stay connected during this period of social distancing.

To practice with me online please ensure that you have downloaded the Zoom App



At this time I am not teaching Self Practice online as I do not believe it is technically viable. However, I have teamed up with the other Mysore teachers at Triyoga to create an online Shala. The aim is to help self practicioners stay connected. Mysore Yoga London Online is open Monday to Friday 6.30 – 10.30 AM.

We open with the opening chant at 6.30 but you can arrive at any time and practice hearing the sounds of others breathing and moving around you. Please note this is just a communal practice space and not a class. It is free of charge. For more details and the link to join in please Contact me.



Full Counted Primary Series

Friday 7 – 8.30 am.

This is the entire primary series with the Sanskrit count. The instructions will focus on correct vinyasa and Dristi rather than technique. Experience of the practice is essential for this class and I do not reccommend it to beginners of the Mysore Style.

Although we start together at 7 on the dot  you are welcome to stop, do your finishing postures and take rest at any time. Contact me if you have any queries. Registration for the class is available here


Open Level Astanga Yoga

Wednesday 10.00 – 11.15 am (with Tri Yoga)

A seventy five minute class for all levels focusing on the simpler, restorative aspects of the Primary Series.

for more information about prices and booking click here