About Tom Norrington-Davies

Tom teaches Mysore Style Astanga Yoga at two of London’s leading yoga studios:  Astanga Yoga London and Tri Yoga Chelsea. He also offers private tuition. Tom is authorised to teach the primary and Intermediate series as set out by the Krishna Pattabhi Jois Astanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) in Mysore, India. He has studied there regularly with Paramaguru R Sharath Jois since 2010.

Tom is also a student at Astanga Yoga London where he has been practicing with Hamish Hendry for over 12 years. Hamish is the UK’s most highly qualified and respected Astanga Yoga teacher. He has been a true mentor to Tom and a major influence on his teaching style.

Tom’s path to Mysore and teaching began when he was 38, having worked in restaurant kitchens for most of his adult life. A brief flirtation with kickboxing took him to a yoga class in his local gym. Some months later he found his way to Astanga Yoga London (AYL).

AYL is one of very few places in Britain dedicated entirely to teaching traditional, Mysore style Astanga Yoga. Being able to help other students at AYL, a place that truly changed his life, is an honor and a pleasure for Tom.

Parampara is a sanskrit word meaning “unbroken lineage”. It refers to the traditional way of learning and teaching this practice through direct experience. Knowledge is passed unadulterated from teacher to student through years of dedicated practice together.

It is to his amazing teachers Hamish and Sharath,  and to the transformative power of the practice that Tom dedicates all his work with anyone who wants to learn Astanga yoga. Back in his restaurant years the  practice helped him find genuine breathing space in a schedule that was anything but 9 to 5. That experience enables him to help you work with, rather than against your other commitments, to create a nurturing, sustainable yoga practice. If you can make a little time for it to begin with and let it grow naturally, it’s extremely do-able. Some patience and a sense of humour is all you really need!